コミュニケーション力診断 5.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

コミュニケーション力診断 5.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Latest version of this game コミュニケーション力診断 v5.0 free download for android (net.testii.commutest)

日常で、しばしば引き合いに出される「コミュニケーション能力」。企業が学生に求める 力の筆頭にもあがるなど、最近ではその需要は増すばかりです。しかし、それが具体的に どんなものかと聞かれると、答えに窮してしまいます。

「コミュニケーション」とは、語源にしたがえば「人と共有すること」を表す言葉です。 したがって、「コミュニケーション能力」と言った場合、「情報や感情を人と共有する能 力」を指すことは、おおむね共通しています。しかし実際のところ、時や場合によってそ の意味するところはまちまちなようです。

とはいえ、就職面接で「御社がおっしゃる『コミュニケーション能力』とはなんなのか、 コミュニケートしてください(゚Д゚ )」と述べても、おそらくその力をアピールしたことに はなりません。十中八九、逆効果になります。とりわけ日本では、上述の意味にくわえ、 狭義のコミュニケーションを円滑にするための社交性などを含めて、「コミュニケーション能力」と呼ぶ傾向が見受けられるためです。


就職面接に備えて、あるいは交友関係を見つめ直す機会として、はたまたコミュニケー ションのきっかけを作るため、いま一度、自身の「コミュ力」を確かめてみませんか?



In daily, often cited “communication skills”. Such as a company goes up also led forces seek to students, the demand is only increasing in recent years. However, if it is asked if specifically what, it will at a loss to answer.

The term “communication”, is the word that According to the etymology represents “to share with people.” Therefore, if you say “communication skills”, that refers to the “ability to share information and feelings with the people” it is generally common. But in fact, what it is meant by its by case time and is seems to be mixed.

That said, “whether the flame and your company you say” communication skills “, please communicate (° Д °)” job interview in also said, probably does not mean that you have to appeal to the force. In all likelihood, it will reverse effect. Especially in Japan, in addition to the meaning of the above, including such as the sociability of order to facilitate the narrow sense of communication, because the trend referred to as a “communication skills” is seen.

In the present application Based on the above, a simple psychological testing of all 15 questions to be questions at random, the user’s ability to communicate “talk power”, “listening skills”, “chat force”, “cooperation”, “humor subdivided and analyze the five elements of “. Comprehensive them, to answer the power of your mutual understanding is what is how much. In addition, as a result because it uses a radar chart on the screen, for each of the parameters, what’s what is not good good at, you can check at a glance.

In preparation for a job interview, or as an opportunity to reconsider the friendship, to create an opportunity of Hata also communications, once again, why not make sure the “community power” of its own?

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“Communication skills” is anxious ☆ themselves
☆ I want to use to talk about making
☆ psychological testing, fortune-telling, do well the diagnosis
☆ psychological testing, fortune-telling, there is interest in the diagnosis
☆ want a little killing time
☆ not sleep, free time

Your communication skills can be diagnosed with a simple psychological test,
It has become a play app for free.

In addition, it equipped with a share button.
LINE, Twitter, can be shared to friends such as Facebook.
There is also the try to do is tell your friends, the best in the topic making!
v3.3 依存 SDK のアップデートに伴う更新
v4.0 10万DL記念リニューアル
v4.1 一部Androidバージョンの不具合を解消

MOD APK Information of コミュニケーション力診断

App Name コミュニケーション力診断
Package Name net.testii.commutest
Version 5.0
Rating ( 498 )
Size 15.3 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2021-04-07
Installs 100,000+
Category Casual, Games

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