Survival: Day Zero  1.19.021 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Survival: Day Zero 1.19.021 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Description of Survival: Day Zero apk for android

Latest version of this game Survival: Day Zero v2.0.10 free download for android (and.onemt.dayofsurvivalz)

Survival: Day Zero is an armageddon-based, mutant apocalypse strategy game that includes both highly flexible RPG gameplay and real-time tactical content. The story begins with a band of survivors hidden in their shelter amid the aftermath of a viral mutant outbreak and nuclear destruction. The time for hiding is over, now is the time for survival…

It’s up to you, your wits, and your daring whether your people survive this nightmare. Collect resources to rebuild your base, then recruit Alphas and create a Coalition to take the fight to the mutants and mutant Alphas!

Download now and you’ll enjoy immersive realistic post-apocalyptic scenes, a multitude of Alphas ready to help you lead the fight, thrilling battles, a unique command center that you can customize to your liking – even experience unique RPG-style expedition gameplay. There’s even a blackjack game hosted by the lovely ladies of the Fox Hole Bar.

Target the mutants, end the horror, and survive the war! Give ‘em hell!

Immersive Realistic Post-apocalyptic World

We built a classic, realistic looking post-apocalyptic wasteland to be as detailed and immersive as possible. You’ll explore a scarred and broken landscape, interact with the survivors of human civilization, and experience postwar mayhem that’ll ensure you never play this game with the lights off.

Thrilling RPG Battles

You won’t simply be tapping buttons and watching the action, with our RPG style battles you’ll be right in the middle of it. You’ll fight as one of your Alpha’s against hordes of mutants armed with a variety of powerful weapons. Every attack will earn you Exp and make you stronger. When your back is to the wall, be ready to fight until the last man’s standing.


Blackjack is a special event in the Fox Hole. The glamorous, sexy, owner plays a thrilling game of cards with all who are willing. Once Chiefs play enough, they may find themselves with a fortune, and even rare “surprises”
prepared by the owner.

Fierce Strategic Gameplay

Experience real-time PvP battles against the mutants. Prepare and fight hard to defend your shelter from attacks that could come at any time. Expand your territory to take in more survivors and increase your numbers for the fierce battles to come.

Command Strong Alphas

Every so often you’ll find and recruit Alphas that have wandered into your little community. They are not your average soldier. Each has a unique story, and special abilities to help you in battle. Collect special equipment and then equip your Alphas with exclusive weapons. Command your Alphas to explore the wasteland and to lead the fight to expand your territory.

Build Your Wasteland Empire

You are the master of your little slice of post-apocalyptic heaven, and you can make it look just how you want. Build up your settlement block by block to form a safe haven for your survivors to grow into a community that can reclaim this world from the mutants.

Coalition Warfare

Whether it’s going against different servers or fighting for power at home, your Coalition is always there for you. Make sure you find the right people, and then work together to cleanse the land and establish a new world order – under your banner of course.

MOD APK Information of Survival: Day Zero

App Name Survival: Day Zero
Package Name and.onemt.dayofsurvivalz
Version 2.0.10
Rating 9.0
Size 730.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2021-03-25
Category Games, Strategy

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